How to clean custom canvas cotton tote bags

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1. Some canvas tote bags color is easy to fade when clean. Do not use the detergents containing bleach or fluorescence.


2. Reducing detergents usage amount if not stubborn stains oncanvas shopping bagssuch as grease

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3. Please soak canvas bags in cold water, do not expose them to the sun. Better to cover canvas tote bags with toilet paper completely after washing. This could prevent color transferring and getting yellow. Put the canvas bags in airy place. This is the most important steps.

4. Some salt or white vinegar could be put on water if canvas tote is washed first time. Soaking it around 30 min to prevent color fading.

5. If there is obviously a stain somewhere, then partial cleaning is suggested.

Be sure to wash your canvas tote bags carefully when they are dirty. Don't let the bacteria in them endanger your health.

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How to clean custom canvas cotton tote bags

The canvas bags need to be clean frequently; however, it is not easy to do it due to its thick fabric. Below are some suggestions of washing canvas bags.

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